A PSA scene with Aguzord and GeoAguzord about helmets

A PSA scene with Aguzord and GeoAguzord about helmets.

These are the PSAs for each Beast Wars Transformers episode.


  1. Make sure your electricity is off at night (Optimus Primal switches off all his lights)
  2. Don't jump into conclusions about people (Cheetor tells Roadkill and Arcee about jumping to conclusions)
  3. Don't steal (Tarantulas steals Rattrap's food)
  4. Blind does not mean you are helpless (Blindmole advises Sonar to find a lost Maximal pet kitten)
  5. Don't tell strangers your address (Hound tells Rattrap about strangers)
  6. Bike at night with reflectors (Rhinox tells Cheetor about biking at night with reflectors)
  7. Always wear a lifejacket (Depth Charge saves the drowning-prone Dinobot)
  8. What to do when you get lost (A Cybertronian child gets lost without his brothers, and Chamaximal helps him out)
  9. Don't take drugs without your parents there (Ratchet, in Manatee Mode, tells Depth Charge, in Manta Ray Mode, about the dangers of drugs)
  10. Running Away Leads Nowhere (Cheetor tells two Cybertronian children about running away)
  11. Stranger Danger (A Cybertronian child and his twin face Waspinator, who leaves the scene telling the twins about their injured dad, but Flyfight comes and tells the twins about the dangers of strangers)
  12. Obey railroad crossing signs (Tigerhawk tells Cybertronian children about railroad crossings)
  13. You'll never learn without trying (A Cybertronian child gives up playing jazz music, but Jazz comes along to tell him he'll never learn without trying)
  14. What to do when your house is on fire (Tasmania Kid and Warpath tell children about fire)
  15. Don't call the fire department from inside the house (Hound tells children to not call the fire department from inside, then Hound cocks his leg in Rottweiler Mode to extinguish the fire)
  16. Don't skate on thin ice (Ironhide tells Cybertronian children about skating on thin ice)
  17. Don't press a fire alarm when a fireman is not there (A Cybertronian child was warned by Hippopotamax that he cannot press an alarm when a fireman is not there)
  18. Brush your teeth (Stampy and Drift tell a Cybertronian child to brush his teeth)
  19. Make sure you stay in school (Heinrad tells Cybertronian children to stay in school)
  20. Parking at school gates is dangerous (Cohrada tells a Cybertronian about the dangers of parking at school gates)
  21. Go green (Break, in Penguin Mode, tells Cybertronian children not to pollute the world and they have to go green)
  22. Green Cross Code (Mach Kick and Longrack tell Cybertronian children about the dangers of Vehicons)
  23. Firework safefty (When the Predacons try to harm a shrew-transforming innocent Cybertronian, Rattrap saves her and tells her that fireworks are dangerous)
  24. Listen to yourself (Silverbolt tells Cybertronian children about listening to themselves)
  25. Wear helmets for protection (Roadkill, in Beaver Mode, tells Cybertronian children they should wear helmets for protection)
  26. Eat healthy food (Two Cybertronian children in a shopping mall are told by Optimus Primal to eat 5 a day)

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