Bigmos in the Beast Wars II anime.

Bigmos is a Transformer in the Beast Wars Universe. He is a member of the Maximals stationed on the planet Gaea. His beast mode is a Mosquito. He is the leader of the Insectron forces. After many years of war on Cybertron, he chose to leave with a group of his friends and search the galaxy for a safe haven from the fighting. He is a very solemn warrior who deeply desires peace. He also has a great sense of honor. In a battle with the Autoroller named Autostinger on Cybertron, he was beaten and at the Predacon’s mercy. Instead of killing Bigmos, Autostinger granted him mercy and allowed him to live. To this day he still owes a debt of gratitude to the Autoroller. As leader, Bigmos is easily the most level-headed member of the Insectrons. Which is kinda like being the sanest patient in the asylum.

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